Shoulder Surgery

As one of the most flexible joints in the body, shoulder injuryyour shoulder joint is highly susceptible to injury. In some cases, damage can be severe enough to require surgical repair. As with all joint injuries, early diagnosis and treatment can make a huge difference in your long-term shoulder mobility.

At Chattanooga Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, we will diagnose your shoulder problem by looking at a variety factors, including swelling, tenderness, range of motion, weakness and instability. Depending on Dr. Thomas Brown’s assessment, you may be recommended for shoulder surgery, which may follow an arthroscopic procedure or an open surgical procedure.

Common Shoulder Problems

Many shoulder injuries arise from repetitive activities such as playing piano, swimming or weight lifting. When the repetitive motion rubs or squeezes the rotator cuff in the shoulder, it can cause significant pain or discomfort. Sometimes chronic inflammation of the rotator cuff causes spurs to grow in the joint. If conservative treatments like modifying exercise and physical therapy are not successful, Dr. Brown may recommend surgery to repair the rotator cuff.

Other shoulder problems may develop out of tendonitis, fractured or joint dislocation or arthritis. To repair severe injury to the joint, Dr. Brown may recommend an open surgical repair or possibly a joint replacement. Remember, many shoulder problems develop out of chronic irritation and can worsen if left untreated.

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